Specialty silage corn hybrids with
Roundup Ready® technology from HYTEST® SEEDS

Many factors influence the performance of corn silage hybrids each year. HYTEST SEEDS has invested in cutting-edge research to develop a diverse hybrid lineup to match your fields and conditions. Plus, our seed specialists have the expertise to help you place the right hybrids in each field. You can count on your diversified HYTEST SEEDS team to address challenging, dynamic issues such as harvest management and consistent forage quality.

Corn Silage Hybrid Choices
Previously, it was thought corn hybrids with the highest grain yield had the highest silage yield and quality. This is rational, considering most of the digestible nutrients and 45 to 50 percent of the total weight of a mature corn plant is in the grain. But the remaining 50 to 55 percent of silage's total dry matter, the non-grain component, also affects digestibility and, therefore, quality. Not all conventional hybrids are well-suited for both grain and silage. In fact, corn silage trials completed by HYTEST SEEDS show conventional hybrids differ in their silage yield and digestibility.

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