HYTEST SEEDS® meets demanding alfalfa needs with industry-leading varieties from W-L Research.

HYTEST SEEDS provides the highest quality and
top-producing alfalfa varieties from industry leader
W-L Research. W-L Research delivers cutting-edge genetics to match the many production challenges that alfalfa growers across the country face.

An Established Alfalfa Leader
In 1958, Ward Waterman and Harold Loomis founded the Waterman-Loomis Seed Company (which became W-L Research), a research organization dedicated solely to the development of high-performance,
high-quality alfalfas. Since then, W-L Research has established a reputation as one of the top alfalfa breeders in the country, delivering the greatest value possible through leading-edge genetics and the best profit potential of any alfalfa on the market.

Benefits of New Roundup Ready®
Alfalfa Technology
Unmatched weed control at both stand establishment and in established stands means fewer weeds and higher quality hay and haylage.
Superior crop safety at all growth stages with the Roundup Ready system delivers higher yields in the establishment year and subsequent years.
One herbicide does it all: simplicity of using a single herbicide (Roundup) provides superior weed control with no need to tankmix.
Flexibility in timing of application: spray whenever necessary, with no carryover or crop rotation limitations.
• Minimal wait (5 days) before grazing or feeding.
Significantly lower per acre weed control costs over the life of the stand compared to conventional herbicide programs.


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